Erica & Robert


Erica and Robert’s love story feels a little like destiny. After a chance meeting in the store where Erica worked, the two saw each other from time to time over the next two years. When Erica moved to Florida, they kept in touch, until Robert decided to take a leap of faith, uproot his life, and move there after her.Aall before they had even gone on their first date! That date happened in the Sunshine State, and they’ve been together ever since.


Their wedding day was just as sweet, just as meant-to-be, as the story of how they met. From the very first moment there was a feeling of romance all around. There was an air of elegant timelessness. Erica looked every inch the fairytale princess. And judging by the expression on Robert’s face as he saw her during their first look, he thought exactly the same thing!


But there was an air of playfulness to their wedding day, too. From bright bridesmaids’ bouquets to silly poses, from the little touches of nautical decor to the vibe of the party they threw at Land’s End. There were dozens of silly, sweet, laughing moments. Erica and Robert embraced both the romance and the fun, and the result was a beautiful, unforgettable, utterly perfect day.


Congratulations, Erica and Robert!




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