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My fiancé and I aren’t receiving much help and although we both have decent jobs we need to pay for the weeding and save up for an apartment all in one year! not much time and not enough money!

I applied for a capital one venture credit card to use ONLY for the wedding. I accumulate reward points in the form of miles which we hope to accumulate enough miles to use for our honeymoon flight! I was approved for 10k on my card so I’m trying to stay within that budget.

I am also a D.I.Y FREAK ! so I’m making my own centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and wedding invitations. Hey why not use your creativity! save money! Find a wholesale florist near you, way way way less expensive then a regular florist.

If you have a “critcut” printer use it! its very handy ! Or you can go to staples and buy one of the wedding invitations printing paper packages!

Good Luck!


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