arrangements after the Wedding!

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    So now that all the wedding planning is over, all that’s left to do is wait for the big day! My fiance and I decided to sit  and talk about expectations after the wedding day. Some of the Major Things my my fiance and I talked about:

    Me taking his last name-

    Financial situation- bank accounts, working options, saving plans etc, who will pay what bills,  what our career goals are, if we want to move into a larger home, retirement plans, life insurance.

    Animals- if we want cats dogs etc.

    Decor around the house- what styles we like, He actually likes pinterest!

    Children- how many we want, when do we want to start trying for kids, how they will be raised, will one of us stay home to raise them or will they go into day care, if one of us stays home to raise the children will they return back to work once the kids are old enough and go to school

    Expectations of roles in the house- chores around the house who will do what and what we will do together.

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    What did you decide on for the name? I wanna keep my last name (Rose is really pretty and it’s who I am), but Ben wants me to either take his last name or hyphenate (Rose-Meadows) and we can’t seem to agree

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