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    Are many of you going with a first look, or will the first time your groom see you be when you walk down the aisle?

    We are torn, my fiance really wants to the first time he sees me to be when I come down the aisle. I would like to keep that tradition too, but we are having our ceremony at the same place as the reception/cocktail hour. Since we are paying for the wedding ourselves I really don’t want to miss the cocktail hour to take photos. To me the cocktail hour is my favorite part ! I also really care about my photos and don’t want to rush through them. My photographer and videographer both agree a first look is the way to go.

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    I’m doing a first look!  We are getting married very close to the reception site and only have a short time between ceremony and reception and just like you I refuse to miss cocktail hour for pictures!!  my brother in law and sister in law missed their entire cocktail hr as well as a lot of the reception because the photographer kept pulling them aside for photo ops.   When we booked our photographer I said once cocktail hour starts the only time i should be seen with him is during sunset (bc of course I need the sunset pictures!) but other than that, candids only!!  I’m also a big cry baby so I’m hoping that the first look will help me from being such a mush as I walk down the aisle!!

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    I never really thought of the first look because I liked the idea of seeing him when I was walking down the aisle, but our schedule dictated it. Our ceremony is at 8pm so we have to start photos early in order to get some light. Unfortunately going to see each other. The photographers prefer it too though so they don’t have to keep pulling out bride and groom from their party

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    I’ve been to a wedding where they didn’t do a first look so all the photos ended up being rushed and they did family photos during cocktail hour. Didn’t look fun at all :/ I would recommend doing a first look for that reason alone.

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