Fun Guest Activities to Incorporate in Your Wedding

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By Sarah Vallecillo


In the midst of all the planning it may feel as though your wedding day can’t come soon enough, but before you know it, you’ll be coming back from your honeymoon! Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your wedding so you and your spouse can have a little something to remember that special day by long after!





Create a hashtag to get all your guests pictures in one place so you can see them after the wedding. Put your hashtag on a sign and place it somewhere people can see it. You can’t be everywhere at once, but this way you’ll be able to see how much fun people were having while you were busy having fun somewhere else!


Throw Out That Guest Book!


Here’s a fun alternative to a plain old guest book! Plant a Polaroid camera and cards with your guests’ names on a table. Have your guests replace their name with Polaroid pictures of themselves and write a note on the back.


Anniversary Piñata


Buy a piñata and set out note cards and pens for your guests to write down their favorite memories of the wedding, well wishes or advice. You and your spouse can smash it open on your one-year anniversary and relive your special day.


Date in a Jar


Put out a jar, paper and pens and have your guests write down date ideas, vacation spots, local restaurants or places to go. This will come in handy when the two of you can’t decide or agree on what to do for date night.


Table Card Questions


This fun activity is great for guests to fill out while they’re waiting for food or taking a break from dancing. Ask fun questions like, “What type of pet should we get?” or “What should we name our first kid?” Your answers may be serious or plain ridiculous, but either way they’re fun to look through afterwards!


What do you think of these fun reception activities? Comment below and share!


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