“How Do I Pee in This Thing?”


By Bridget McAllister


You look beautiful. Stunning.


It took forever, but you did it; with help from your sister, your mom, your bridesmaids, and maybe even the bridal attendant, you’ve finally shimmied into that white dress. You’ve buttoned it, zippered it, and your hair is in curlers, when it happens.


You have to pee.


What do you do? Do you hold it? No, that’s a non-option; the ceremony is in several hours and is LONG. Do you take the entire dress off? That’s a pain in the neck. How do you pee with this thing on? Do your bridesmaid and your mom and your sister now have to hold the skirt up for you?


Not if you have the Bridal Buddy.


What is the Bridal Buddy?


Invented by a Pennsylvania wedding store associate, the Bridal Buddy is an easy solution to the bathroom blues. It’s a soft slip, put on around the waist before stepping into your gown. When nature calls, the bride simply has to find the bottom edge of the slip, pulling it up; it will naturally scoop up the edges of the wedding dress, into a big fluffy tuft around the bride’s midsection.


From there, the bride can slip her arms through a pair of cutouts in the slip, then pull the Bridal Buddy’s drawstring to keep the whole thing closed. She looks like a powdered donut hole, but she can now easily and independently use the ladies’ room without worry. Once she’s finished, she just pulls out her arms, releases the drawstring, and she’s ready to roll.


The bridal buddy can be bought in either petite, for brides under 5’5”, or average/tall, at 5’5” or taller, and is available at www.bridalbuddy.net for $39.95.


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