Interview with Northfork Films


What sets you apart from other wedding videography companies?


We are one of the few wedding based production companies on Long Island to offer Super 8mm wedding highlight films as part of our many wedding film and photography packages. We specialize in offering packages of digital video, highlight films, video montages, prints and both main and candid photography. My wife and I run the business together. We have a deep love and passion for creating so it made sense to do what we love in a big way.


What is the easiest part of the wedding to film?


The easiest parts of the wedding to film are the bride and groom. Their excitement and love for one another really shows in the photos and highlight films. It’s a pleasure to see them excited and for them to show their appreciation for the work that we do.



Do you have a favorite part of the wedding?


Our favorite part of shooting weddings is the thrill and excitement of the wedding day in general. When the bride and the groom share such a special day with their family and friends, you really see it front and center. It’s really special to be around all that love and excitement.


What’s the key to a perfect wedding?


As far as production aspects, if another photographer is hired it’s always great to have the videographer and photographer on the same page. The reality of it is that some people don’t play by the rules and usually can ruin a videographers shot at a ceremony so what we do is we make sure that we discuss positioning prior with the photographer (if another one is hired) and when communication is made and respected then it’s a really fun and nice experience.


What would you tell guests not to do?


As far as shooting highlight films and video and doing photography we haven’t had to tell guests not to do anything. For photos, it’s important to have a member of the wedding party such as a bridesmaid to help coordinate the family photos, since they know the wedding party more so than the photographer. If someone is being out of hand then it’s a collaborative effort to cancel out the issues at hand. Weddings are never perfect but most of the time they run very smoothly.


Any suggestions for what guests should do at weddings to make your job easier?


At the end of the day we are hired to do a job. With that job comes issues that might arise with rowdy guests or usually those who get a little bit overly intoxicated. We find it important to stay professional and be professional in these situations. Being a photographer and a videographer at a wedding is a lot of work but we truly love it. We don’t expect any guests to change how they act or to do anything different than what they normally do.


Who’s typically more fun to film, the bride or the groom?


The most important part of the day is the bride. She is number one. It’s her day. We enjoy shooting both the bride and the groom. Each have a unique story to tell shoot their love for one another.


What do you look for one filming the ceremony and the reception?


Filming the ceremony and the reception are the two biggest elements of the wedding when it comes to video. The other important parts are the moments during the bride and groom photos and the family photos. When we are doing candid photography we look for the elements of happiness as well as surprise. Some of the greatest photos that we’ve taken have been when people aren’t aware that they are having their photo taken. There’s uniqueness and a realistic aspect to those types of visuals on both photo and film.


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