Nicole & Jeff



It’s hard to come up with just a few words to describe Nicole and Jeff’s August wedding day. Elegant certainly comes to mind. Glamorous. A wedding full of vintage sparkle and whimsical touches. A day full with a beautiful bride, and a groom who couldn’t stop smiling. And what could be better than that?


After getting ready with their halves of the wedding party, Nicole and Jeff found each other in one of the cutest first looks we’ve ever seen. Meeting around the edge of an old, rustic windmill in Baiting Hollow, they first touched hands, then inched forward, then finally leaned around the corner to lock eyes and burst into laughter. It was a moment that set the tone for the rest of the day: relaxed, romantic, personal, and — always — elegant.


After photos with their friends and family, it was time for the big event. A beautiful outdoor ceremony on the grounds at Giorgio’s, surrounded by cascades of flowers and blue skies overhead. The sun was setting during the ceremony, adding to a truly romantic day. When the last “I do” was said, there was applause, cheering, and even a few happy tears as the guests welcomed the newlyweds to their new lives together. Then it was off to the banquet hall for one of the most stylish receptions we’ve ever seen!


What truly made the night memorable was not only the love between Nicole and Jeff. It was also Jeff’s dance with his daughter. Another wonderful moment in their truly unique day. As it loud, happy, vibrant party that lasted for hours because everyone there was having way too much fun to go home!


Congratulations, Nicole and Jeff!




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