Wedding Paper Diva’s Wedding Budget Calculator


By Gina Marie Falk


With planning a wedding must come the concept of budget. How much or how little to spend in order to make one of the most exciting days of your life exactly what you want it to be. Of course, without dishing out more dollars than you are able.

The price of a small or large wedding can be incredibly overwhelming. Luckily, the superheroes at have created a simple and user-friendly Budget Calculator. The calculator was created to help take some of the stress out of allocating money to various areas. After entering the total budget amount for your wedding, Wedding Paper Divas have allotted space for subsections, such as stationery, attire and accessories, venue, decorations, photography.

This helps you can divvy up funds until you have reached your maximum budget. Once your information has been filled out, the calculator will export the numbers into an Excel file, making all of your data very easily accessible.

Need to make changes to any area of your budget? It is possible to rearrange via Excel, or to even return to the Budget Calculator and start again. Whether your wedding will be modest and intimate or flashy and overflowing with guests, Wedding Paper Divas’ Budget Calculator can aid in making sure that your monetary decisions are carefully planned and tracked in the months prior to your big day.

If you decide to try the calculator, leave us a review down below! Don’t forget to check out other areas of The site offers wide selections of customizable invitations, favors and gifts. It even has great deals with provided discount codes!

You can use Wedding Paper Diva’s Wedding Budget Calculator here.


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